Bringing the legend to life...

The Hairy Claw of Grafton Moor is the first film to be produced by Producer/Director Ralph Shephard.

A burning desire to create really awesome films with character, depth and integrity has been the driving force behind this project. A visually stunning film trailer that will stop you in your tracks and one based on a gripping engaging original story. A film with beautiful heart-rending soundtrack and that will make you go "wow" and want to watch again and again.

This project has been largely unfunded to date and it is Ralph's passion and creative vision, his total belief in the project and his ability to convince the animators and musicians to join him on the journey that has enabled the production of a trailer, soundtrack and music videos that all involved are proud of.

The intention is to gather a large following of like minded lovers of this film genre and launch a crowdfunding pitch to enable the film to be completed in as good a quality as we have achieved with the trailer.

To take this forward Burnhamwood Productions has been formed.