The Animation Team

The Hairy Claw of Grafton Moor sampler/trailer was painstakingly created by a very small dedicated team of newcomers to CGI animation and film production. Working remotely in different locations around the world, their combined efforts bring to life an incredible magical atmosphere, which holds the viewer gripped and totally mesmerized by the sheer strength and beautyof the scenes.

Working from both photographs of the vast expanses of the North Yorkshire Moors and the Northumbrian borders and the reference concept drawings of producer Ralph Shephard; the haunting and beautifully textured panoramas,  were skilfully and magically created in CGI by Rodrigo Pout and Michelle Madden-Nadeau based in Madrid, Spain.

The various assets such as the derelict moorland houses, ancient barns, the imposing sinister shambling pile, of Cranberry Hall, and the dark foreboding, medieval Grafton Castle were meticulously modelled in New Zealand and later in the USA and Canada, by the very talented Agata Szczepanska from Poland.

The opening ravens scene prior to the title page was dramatically put together and beautifullyanimated by a very young and enthusiastic Robert Hall, from Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Last but not least, the star of the production, the mysterious and frightening creature, the Hairy Claw of Grafton Moor was created by amazing CGI character artist Daniel Jack who was no stranger to bringing to life on the big screen, a whole multitude of fantasy film creatures. Ralph Shephard, the producer, was drawn to Daniels character work, because of an element of pathos; he manages to covey in the look, which was essential in the creation of Hairy Claw.

The film didn’t want just another samey ‘werewolf’ looking creature, like in so many films. The brief was to create a creature that had totally scary traits, merged with a lovable quality which makes the creature more believable and even more appealing.

The creature was very skilfully rigged by Daniel Rico Terrasa, in Majorca, and was then confidently animated back in Madrid by Rodrigo Pout and Michelle Madden –Nadeau. Finally the lighting and compositing was brilliantly achieved by Jaime Fuerte and again, the very versatile Rodrigo Pout.

Thank you to the Team

"I was astounded and mesmerized by the scenes as they each gradually took shape, and nothing in my wildest dreams prepared me for the haunting beauty that was the finished result. After hundreds and hundreds of concept drawings and hours of highly skilled CGI work , I will always be forever grateful for the faith and belief, all of the above contributors have had in the project and for making my dream, a reality and so very amazing. 

Ralph Shephard (Director/Producer)

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