A dark foreboding tale...

Towards the end of the eighth century, five terrifying creatures, the last of a little known subterranean race, are brought to Britain’s Northumbrian coast, from a remote fjord in Norway. Brought across the sea, by a Viking raiding party of five longships, to ensure their victory over the Northumbrian army. The Vikings shaman, has a powerful hypnotic control over the creatures. After the battle is won, they are put into a sleep of ages and entombed in an ancient burial mound.

Three centuries later one of the creatures is brought out of its state of limbo to do the bidding of the local tyrant, the dark Earl of Billingham. Its task is to storm the seemingly impregnable fortress at nearby Cresborough and capture the neighbouring Dukes daughter, who has refused Billingham’s hand in marriage. But, things don’t go according to plan. After, its mission is completed; they are both locked in the dungeon of Grafton Castle. Then, a magic spell that has been cast, goes dreadfully wrong. The spell turns the creature into a boy, but something not human, nor creature. Something, which can change from one to the other. Through this unlikely bad fortune turned good, the boy and the princess manage to escape onto Grafton Moor.

The tale now moves to the present day and a thousand years have gone by. A bizarre series of inexplicable events in the small market town of Grafton, confirm that something strange really does cast a dark foreboding shadow over the town and the lonely expanses of the moor. Something more than just fairy stories, until events and discoveries result in the ancient curse of Grafton being once again invoked, unleashing deadly, terrifying, evil forces. As the final reckoning approaches and it seems all is lost, ironically, all that stands between the towns folk of Grafton and the demons from hell, is the towns often whispered about nemesis, the Hairy Claw of Grafton Moor.