The Soundtrack Artists

Early thoughts when creating the soundtrack, were that four distinctly different types of music were needed to reflect the haunting atmosphere and dramatic emotional content of the extraordinary tale.

Expansive symphonic overtures were the obvious first choice. Seven amazing new composing talents, in this field, each created several, haunting heart rending pieces. These dramatic and moody tracks truly evoke the dark brooding atmosphere of the North Yorkshire Moors with sympathetic pathos and emotional irony, which is the signature for the films unusual tale. The symphonic composers are: Victor Penniman, Luke Wilson, Mario Raposo, Anxo Martinez Calvo, Paco Salazar, Uriel Villalobos Alva, Adriana Isabel Figueroa Manas, Fusion and Stefan Fletcher. The beautiful haunting piano pieces were performed by Paula and Fabiana Chavez, Paul Booth and Grammy Award winner Kevin Mongelli.

The next genre we realized it was essential to have on the soundtrack was a very ethereal pastoral folk rock sound. These tracks have been performed by some of the best folk rock talents around; Eleanore and The Lost, The Last Innhouse, Victoria Siddoway, annushkasempire, Little Sparrow, Grace Zarczynska, Envarya, Steve Gray and the Ultra Ray Violets, Stephanie Baker, Catrin O’Niell, Angie Porter, June Stevenson, Corn Dollyz, Sand Snowman and Red Sky.

The third music genre which was an essential requirement was heavy rock, encompassing blues, progressive rock and jazz rock fusion delivered by the incredible talents that are Dream Aria, Aine Duffy, Marc Ceccotti, Jamie Mallender, Weird, Jed Thomas Band, Black Water, Pic Vicious, Pete Rea, Lauryn Mark and Angie Porter.

Lastly we realized that a film with the dark haunting gritty substance of Hairy Claw, would not be complete without some seriously dark metal for the fourth genre of music.  We took on the following exponents of this brooding somber breed of the music and they embraced the challenge with due atmospheric force. We are delighted and very proud to say that the soundtrack features the very best of the black metal genre: The Howling Void, Lysithea, As Autumn Calls, Harry Letch, Joseph VanBuren and Krazyfingers.

Acknowledgement must be given to the quirky, amusing and whimsical narration by Graham Kerr and Angus Gardiner on two of the tracks.

Thank you

"The soundtrack has been a truly international collaboration, and I owe the deepest debt of gratitude to all the above incredible composers and performers.  I set out to create a film that was totally music driven, as a film with a mediocre, or poor soundtrack, is a poor and certainly, dull film. This is raw atmospheric emotional genius at the cutting edge. You’ve all helped me make a dream come true in your own individual ways".

Ralph Shephard Director/Producer