In creating the trailer I wanted to convey the bleak beauty of the windswept setting of the North Yorkshire moors, in as visually beautiful and magical way as possible.

Using the haunting panoramic moors, to mirror the dark foreboding tale and intriguing romantic adventure, which unfolds within that landscape.

In keeping with a classic dark fantasy film tradition, I wanted to keep the creatures identity veiled as much as possible, leaving the viewer with just a small taste of the mysteries, chills and magic to come, until later...……..


To get this trailer finished, I am grateful to the large number of people who have had faith in the project, giving their time, talent, expertise and unending support. To take the next bold step forward and raise the necessary funds to complete the film as quickly as possible, a Crowdfunding bid will be launched - full details and links to the crowdfunding site will be added in the near future.

Coming Soon

The Hairy Claw of Grafton Moor Deluxe 4 Album Compilation Soundtrack will be available soon on CD and to stream - more details soon.

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